In Harmony With The Universe


The universe does not bring us into being so that we may live depressing lives but to be happy and ourselves be a door through which happiness enters this world. Thus every human ever born was a super hero but our socialization took away our powers and we become meanest of villains, who themselves are sad and make others sad.
The lecture would be about turning back in the direction of joy by inviting the audience to follow the culture that is followed by the universe itself. As children of this universe it is the need of our inner core to be in harmony with the universe. We cannot find happiness, joy and fulfilment without it, let alone be able to give it to others.
In this lecture we will have a glimpse into how Sufis are able to love and be at peace with the universe around them. The talk will have jokes of Mullah Nasruddin, quotations from Rumi and Hafiz and a simple but powerful meditation practise.


Basit Jamal is a Sufi spiritual practitioner and teacher. He is an ambassador of love and human values. Through his life and works he has inspired thousands of people to embrace a life of being at peace with themselves and the world. He has designed programs, which include teachings and several unique meditation techniques that transform individuals to live a more meaningful and joyous life.

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